The Inner Rim remained prosperous, however, as colonization spread outwards. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-1926095632427637"; The Inner Rim, originally known simply as the Rim, was a region of the galaxy located between the Colonies and the Expansion Region. Seven months after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial forces embarked on a crackdown on the icy Inner Rim planet of Zeitooine which led to the arrest of a local family. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. Dameron later escaped with the help of the disillusioned stormtrooper Finn. About Star Wars Fanon Café Fanfic Community Forum Writing Center Fanon and Fan Fiction Announcements Star Wars Fanon Discussion Consensus Track Guidelines Article Guidelines Image … As a result, Casterfo developed a hatred of Darth Vader. Astrographical information As a result, the Republic established contact with Mina's son Lux Bonteri and the rebel leader Saw Gerrera. The Outer Rim is the least widely settled and explored expanse ofthe galaxy outside ofWild Spaceand TheUnknown Regions. Discover (and save!) The Star Wars Galaxy Known Outer … The moon Wasskah, the planets Aleen, Bothawui, Coyerti, Crul, … Other planets FANDOM Games Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki Search Sign In Don't have an account? Other objects The following planets include all planets created … [31], By 28 ABY,[source?] However, Sindian was an undercover First Order agent who used her position to discover information about Organa's true parentage as the daughter of Darth Vader. Although the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order tried to cover up the events, media coverage attracted outrage in the Core Worlds. Other systems Ailon[1]Ambria[1]Atzerri[1]Berchest[1]Bilbringi[1]Byrnum Maw[7]Chazwa[1]Dargulli[1]Datar[1]Drearia[1]Filordis[1]Graddus Rex[18]Harrin[1]Iseno[1]Ktil[1]Mechis[1]Mindor[1]Myrkr[1]Nouane[1]Pengalan[1]Reecee[1]Spirana[1]Telti[1]Tirahnn[1]Wroona[1]Zeltros[1] The Inner Rim, originally known simply as the Rim, is a region of the galaxy located between the Colonies and the Expansion Region. A planet in the Outer Rim Territories, controlled by the Hutt clan. It consisted of a ring between the Colonies and Expansion Region. 1 Planets in the Inner Rim 2 Systems in the Inner Rim 3 Sectors in the Inner Rim … google_ad_width = 728; [3], Following the death of Birren's reigning Supreme governor Mellowyn, the Populist Senator Leia Organa and her son Ben Solo were designated as the heirs to the supreme governorship. [4], During the Imperial Era, the Empire was known to recruit large numbers of prospective Imperial cadets from the Inner Rim, which it preferred to former Separatist worlds. Inner Rim Planets [非表示] 解説 インナー・リム惑星群、あるいは単にインナー・リムとも呼ばれるインナー・リム・テリトリーは、コロニー界と拡張領域の間に位置する 銀河系の領域である。ヤヴィン … There will be an update, where I add many more. Seznam není úplný a nejsou v něm zahrnuty všechny planety. Hapes Consortium[1]Japrael sector[2] Alias(es) Inner Rim PlanetsInner Rim Territories star(s) Star system(s) Galactic size(s) Galactic arm(s) Globular cluster(s) Dwarf satellite galaxies Region(s) trade route(s) Location(s) Use(s) Other species Status Active The Inner Rim, also called the Inner Rim Planets or the Inner Rim … [15] When originally settled by colonizers spreading out from the worlds of the Core Worlds and Colonies,[21] this area was known simply as "the Rim," but competition for resources saw the need to expand, and the known galaxy grew into areas such as the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories. Riosa remained a backwater manufacturing center which had still not fully recovered from Imperial rule. [6] A month after the Battle of Jakku, the Empire was confined by the New Republic to parts of the Inner Rim and the Core Worlds as a prelude to the Galactic Concordance. In 14 BBY,[source?] [Source], The Inner Rim, also known as the Inner Rim Territories and originally known simply as the Rim,[15] was a region of the galaxy located between the Colonies and the Expansion Region. When Fett insisted on carrying on with the job, Ventress threw him into the chest and handed Fett to Blank. After learning that the chest contained a young Kage woman named Pluma Sodi, Ventress refused to proceed with the mission. Trade routes google_ad_height = 600; See also: Galactic Gazetteer TheOuter Rim, also known as theOuter Rim Territoriesor alternatively called theOuter Rim Systems, is located outside TheMid Rim. //-->,インナー・リム・テリトリー&oldid=562. Jul 11, 2017 - The Mid Rim was a region of the galaxy located between the Expansion Region and the Outer Rim Territories. [23] The Inner Rim world of Onderon later joined Count Dooku's Confederacy. /* jojo */ Some well known Outer Rim planets included: Geonosis, Hoth, Dagobah, Endor, and Tatooine. google_ad_height = 90; With Palpatine's help, Rax later rose to the position of Fleet Admiral in the Galactic Empire. … The planet Onderon is located in the Inner Rim, as well as the planets Riosa, … Corellian Run[1]Corellian Trade Spine[1]Hydian Way[1]Perlemian Trade Route[1]Pijal Hyperspace Corridor[7]Rimma Trade Route[1]Vaathkree Trade Corridor[13] See more ideas about star wars planets, planets, star wars. The New … [26], In 20 BBY,[source?] the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron traveled to Jakku in order to find Lor San Tekka, who had obtained a map that would lead them to the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's location. Emperor Palpatine was forced to reassign Tarkin to the Western Reaches. Star Wars Fanon Discussion Consensus Track Guidelines Article Guidelines Image Policy Editing Guidelines Read more SWF Discord Participation Guidelines Join Discord Tutorials Image uploading … The largest region in the galaxy, it is strewn with diverseworlds, and rugged, primitive frontier planets. [21] The Separatist Subjugator-class heavy cruiser Malevolence crashed onto the Dead Moon of Antar in the Inner Rim during the Battle of the Kaliida Nebula. The trio then fled a First Order attack on Niima Outpost and escaped on the Millennium Falcon into space.[31]. Jakku was a remote desert planet located in the system of the same name, within the Western Reaches of the galaxy’s Inner Rim. Native to a lost world, the reptilian Koorivar species settled on the previously unnamed planet at some point before 22 BBY, christening it Kooriva. This week we go over part 1 of a 3 part series on the Outer Rim Planets. In the month following the Battle of Jakku, the Empire developed into a rump state that was confined to predetermined areas under Imperial sovereignty in the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim. Na obrázku vpravo je mapa s přibližným rozložením planet po … [3], Jakku's surface was littered with wrecked warships, In 34 ABY,[source?] Register Start a Wiki Star Wars … The planet was represented in the Separatist Senate by Mina Bonteri,[24] who was later assassinated by Separatist agents under Dooku. The Outer Rim Territories were a territory around the edge of the galaxy. [19], Moff Tarkin, the architect of the Antar Atrocity, Following the end of the Clone Wars and the establishment of the Galactic Empire, the Inner Rim came to hold strategic significance to the Empire as it had the Separatists before them. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [29], At a young age, Rey was abandoned by her parents on the desert planet Jakku and left in the care of the junk boss Unkar Plutt. Star Wars Skywalker saga The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones Revenge of the Sith A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi The Force Awakens The Last … As a result of the fighting, Jakku's surface was littered with the wreckage of countless starships from both sides. [6] The planet Onderon was located in the Inner Rim,[19] as well as the planets Riosa, Birren, Bastatha,[3] Arreyel,[10] Li-Toran,[13] Denon, Pasher,[20] Gorse and its moon, Cynda,[4] as well as Jakku. Last year The Force Awakens brought us a slew of new worlds.As the canvas of the Star Wars galaxy developed, so its map grew.Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Guide built upon the work laid down in 2009’s Star Wars: The Essential Atlas placing the worlds of that film onto the map, alongside long-established planets … Guess the Planets from the Star Wars saga, based on the hints. [30] The Empire also annexed the planet Riosa and conscripted the planet's population and resources into building both the first and second Death Stars. A member world of the Galactic Republic, it was … Seznam planet ve světě Star Wars obsahuje planety z fiktivního vesmíru Star Wars. Apr 12, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Wayne Horky. History. [22] The ensuing Battle of Jakku was a cataclysmic battle which ended the Galactic Civil War in favor of the New Republic. [27] Following a prolonged military campaign, the Republic and their Onderonian allies managed to expel the Separatist forces from Onderon and reinstate Ramsis Dendup as King. Riosa's manpower and resources were plundered to fuel the Imperial war machine, causing great hardship and impoverishment to the planet. The Inner Rim Territories was a region of space in which planets such as Itari and Haven could be found. It it also the homeworld of the Aar'aa, a race of reptilian sentients. The Inner Rim, also called the Inner Rim Planets, or the Inner Rim Territories, was a region of the galaxy between the Colonies and the Expansion Region. google_ad_client = "pub-1926095632427637"; In 20 BBY,[source?] See also: Galactic Gazetteer The below planets include all planets found in the Saga Edition of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by alphabetical order. [21] Imperial forces under Moff Wilhuff Tarkin led a harsh crackdown on the Inner Rim moon Antar 4 known as the Antar Atrocity in 18 BBY.[source?] First Order forces then attacked Tuanul village and massacred the inhabitants. Imperial atrocities of Zeitooine and other worlds helped to motivate more people including the former TIE fighter pilot Thane Kyrell to join the Rebel Alliance. /* jsw */ [21], The Inner Rim was the frontier of galactic civilization for centuries. Additionally, all planets appear in alphabetical order. 1 Deep Core 2 Core Worlds 3 Colonies 4 Inner Rim 5 Expansion Region 6 Mid Rim 7 Outer Rim 8 Unknown Regions 9 Wild Space (Outside the Galaxy) Fleeve System Danm Caol System Planets | Star Wars OC … After crashing their stolen TIE fighter, the two were separated and Finn managed to find BB-8 and Rey. [22], During the Clone Wars, the Inner Rim held strategic value to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. the Galactic Republic sent a team consisting of the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano and the Clone Captain Rex to the planet Onderon train a resistance movement to fight against the Separatist-backed King Sanjay Rash during the Onderonian Civil War. //-->, インナー・リム惑星群、あるいは単にインナー・リムとも呼ばれるインナー・リム・テリトリーは、コロニー界と拡張領域の間に位置する銀河系の領域である。ヤヴィンの戦いの20,100年前に入植が行われた当初、この領域は既知銀河系の最辺境だと思われていたため、何世紀にもわたってただリムとだけ呼ばれていた。しかしその後、インナー・リムの100光年先に拡張リム(後に拡張領域と改名される)が開拓されることになる。, インナー・リムが居住惑星群として開放されると、この領域は急速な植民地化がなされ、多数のベンチャー企業が進出した。その結果、経済基盤も素早く確立され、インナー・リムは多種にわたる広大な農業および工業地帯となったのだ。インナー・リムと拡張領域の開拓は、コア・ワールドやコロニー界の慢性的人口問題を劇的に解消させたのである。, ヤヴィンの戦いの21年前、クローン大戦中に行われた第4次憲法改正によって、共和国はコア、コロニー界、インナー・リムの惑星に対し、拡張領域以遠の惑星よりも大きな投票権を与えた。そのため、辺境の惑星の多くが共和国を脱退し、独立星系連合へ加入したのである。, パルパティーン皇帝による統治の時代、銀河帝国はインナー・リムを冷酷に支配し、強制的な監視のもと、厳重な戒厳令を敷いていた。多くの住人たちは頑固に居座る帝国の官僚たちの抑圧に立ち向かうよりも、拡張領域やアウター・リムへ逃れることを選んだのである。やがて、エンドアの戦いによって帝国が敗北しても、この領域は住人の意思に反して帝国の支配下にあり、残虐な帝国軍指導者による奴隷制度が残されたままだった。実際にインナー・リムが新共和国によって解放されたのは、スローン大提督の反抗が開始される直前のことであり、解放時の勝利の祝典が終わったのも、ちょうどスローンの艦隊が反抗的な惑星に対する攻撃を開始したときのことだったのだ。, この状況はスローンの死後も数年にわたって続いていた。そして、完全に解放された後も多くの人々は新共和国によるインナー・リム解放の遅れに不快感を示し、新共和国に加盟した惑星も、この新政府に権力を維持するだけの力がないのではないかという不安を抱いたままだった。やがてこの不安はパルパティーンが復活し、帝国がインナー・リムの大半を奪回した際に現実となったのである。,