Both SAI and IA are measured to verify that the fixed-by design angles are correct. Camber thrust is generated by a leaning tire. If the wheel is set at a true vertical, this is zero camber. Perform steps 2-13 again. 228.0 228.0 GVWR (lbs.) All Rights Reserved. For more information about Ford Credit and access to the Account Manager, go to Common upgrades to ride height as a result of installing lower, stiffer springs and possibly aftermarket steering arms with raised spindle locations. This is referred to as the Ackerman principle, allowing the inside wheel to turn in a tighter radius while the outside wheel turns at a larger radius. Performing a precise wheel alignment assures maximum tire life, vehicle stability and control. It can be done though. If the wheel leans inward at the top, this is negative camber. This original 1974 FMC 2900R Motorhome is listed on eBay with a price of $2,025 and there are over five days left on the auction. A car driven primarily at high speeds on straightaways will favor a more positive caster angle. Ideally, the front steer wheels need to be parallel while cruising to avoid tread scrub. Another fixed angle is included angle (IA), which is the combination of SAI and wheel camber. Find complete specs. Otherwise, write “cancel” on the invoice, return it and owe nothing. A toe-in condition (also referred to as a positive toe angle) is present when the two wheels on the same axle are closer together at the front and wider apart at the rear. Period. Camber spec is 0.5 +/- 0.5 degrees. The three factors that affect alignment are toe-in, camber and caster. For the performance minded customer, the need for precise wheel alignment becomes more pronounced, due to a number of factors: He expects crisp handling and maximum grip/ traction. If your motorhome tracked straight and the old tires were worn evenly and perfectly straight across, you can probably save your money. Summer’s almost here, it’s time to load the family into the motorhome and head out on the open road! Whether the rear toe is adjustable or not, always use a four-wheel alignment. Call 1-800-727-7000. RV Tech Library - A part of the Tiffin RV Network. Using a true vertical drawn through the hub center as a reference, caster angle is represented by a straight line drawn through the upper ball joint/pivot location through the lower ball joint. If the front suspension features upper and lower control arms, the upper arm will likely be adjustable, either via the addition or removal of shims (between the upper arm and frame) or via eccentric bushings. Workhorse and Chevrolet Chassis Motorhome Forum: 2: 03-09-2010 01:42 PM: Wheel alignment. Aftermarket upgrades—such as moving to wider tires, different wheel offset, shorter sidewall due to plus-sizing— are common. If your specs are called out in degrees, take the measured difference between front and rear, multiply by 2, and that will be the approximate degrees. Alignment assumes even greater importance as vehicle performance increases. Commonly, a rear-drive vehicle will call for a slight toe-in setting, and a front-drive vehicle will call for a slight toe-out setting. I have no issues with abnormal or uneven wear and no steering issues. 0. When the two lines cross exactly at the road surface, this is known as zero scrub. The caster in this vehicle is read four degrees plus or minus one half degrees (.5°). If the thrust angle is off zero, this can contribute to vehicle dog-tracking (crooked body relative to direction of travel), increased tire wear and unequal left/right turning. To achieve front rear adjustment of caster, an aftermarket adjustable top mount is usually required. The vehicles actual caster angles are within specifications. The terms and their meanings are discussed as follows. Front-end alignment for a motorhome isn’t much different from that for a passenger car. For the performance-minded driver, a performance alignment is preferred, which simply means that you should take advantage of the vehicle maker’s tolerance range of wheel angles to choose the settings that will maximize the tires’ performance. Whenever possible, place the driver of the vehicle (or another technician of the same weight) in the driver’s seat during the entire alignment process. If it is a 16,000 to 22,000 lb chassis, here are the factory specifications. An excessively negative scrub radius tends to increase steering effort, while excessive positive scrub radius (where the load of the tread is moved moves further outboard) can not only affect handling and ease of steering, but can overstress wheel bearings as well. As a rear-drive vehicle moves forward, the front wheels may tend to try to crawl away from each other, while a front-wheel-drive vehicle’s front wheels may try to crawl inboard. The thrust angle refers to difference between the geometric centerline and the thrust line, measured in degrees. J Explore the greatest in RVs, travel, gear and more. If a vehicle features rear wheel toe adjustment, we can achieve optimum wheel alignment using the total four-wheel alignment, which includes adjustment of all four wheels, allowing toe adjustment to bring the thrust angle to ideal zero, or as close to zero as possible. Install wheel liners if equipped. For the street, it’s best to stay within the limit range specified by the vehicle maker. Track settings are for the track, street settings are for the street. Have a technical question about your RV? If the vehicle owner intends to use the vehicle for occasional autocross events, you can increase tire pressure to suit track conditions, but he must drop pressure to factory spec before driving on public roads. Products. An increase in toe-out can reduce an understeer tendency and will enhance initial turn-in during cornering. Front End Alignment on an RV. Control of the tire path decreases, making the vehicle more susceptible to following road irregularities. However, toe can also be used to alter a vehicle’s handling traits. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Alignment Specifications and Procedures W6000345 (Effective from September 2000) Over the past two years, representatives from Volvo Trucks North America actively par-ticipated, along with twenty-two companies, in developing Recommended Practice 642 entitled “Total Vehicle Alignment: Recommendations for Maximizing Tire and Alignment A toe in of about 1/16 to 3/16 should be good. Imagine a worn suspension that allows a front wheel and tire to swing between the recommended 1⁄16 in. Caster angle settings for street-driven vehicles should provide a good compromise to achieve an acceptable steering effort, confident high-speed stability and turning/cornering performance. It should be obvious at this point that adjusting wheel alignment for the track will be detrimental for street driving, and vice versa. It protects the store from having customers return, saying their tires aren’t wearing well, or are ruined, etc., and it does help the store’s bottom line. As viewed from the front of the vehicle, this is determined by considering the distance between the center of a front tire tread and the imaginary SAI line, when measured at the road surface. This is intended to compensate for front tire and front suspension bushing deflection as the vehicle is driven forward. Incorrect wheel alignment conditions affect tire wear and can cause drifting and/or pulling during cruise, acceleration and braking, plus poor directional control. Tightened Lug nuts to specification. Drive test. This 1⁄8-in. Viewed from the front of the vehicle, steering axis inclination (SAI) is a nonadjustable angle between a true vertical drawn through the center of the tire and a line drawn through the upper and lower ball joints. For high-performance driving, a negative camber angle is preferred, to compensate for the lateral forces experienced in cornering. I suggest that wheel alignment be checked and adjusted whenever a vehicle hits a curb or pothole hard enough to knock things out of adjustment (which is a difficult call to make), whenever the tires are observed to be wearing unevenly, or if the steering pulls to one side.

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