Community See All. The tail is densely feathered and low set. We fell in love with a much misunderstood mis represented breed of dog we will strive with passion to educate prospective owners as we create a foundation for health tested happy saarloos in the uk. Unlike many other breeds of the type that are extensions from ancient times, his breed's history is well-documented and not even a century old. Puppies Arrived! The Saarloos Wolfdog breed was created in 1932 when Leendert Saarloos mated a German Shepherd with a captive Eurasian Grey Wolf. It has long legs with feet that turn slightly outward. Despite his powerful silhouette, his gait is still very light. We encourage all of our prospective buyers to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. Henry Steinman + 4 years ago. … The muzzle has a definite taper to the solid, dark nose. The muzzle has a definite taper to the solid, dark nose. They, however, I emphasized. Saarloos Wolfdog Breed Information. With her striking & very unusual colouring we had Willow DNA profiled proven pure Saarloos for peace of mind. Although the Saarloos Wolfhound has a wild appearance, this breed is loyal and devoted to family. The erect ears are large like the German Shepherd's. See actions taken by the people who manage and … Even though he is classified as a dog, his gait is typical of that of a wolf. However, Czechoslovakians are healthier and have a longer lifespan (about 15 years, Saarloos only 12). Finding Saarloos wolfdog puppies for sale can be difficult as the breed is not all that common, at least not in North America anyway. ABOUT SAARLOOS WOLFDOG NORWAY. They look similar to baby huskies but with a more wolf-like look, making them look just like baby wolves. Origin: Germany, Netherlands. The Netherlands. Because the wolf-grey genes are dominant, this is the most common color. Saarloos is also larger than the Czechoslovakian dog. Information. She adores her humans & when not playing loves nothing more than curling up on the sofa with Richard. Also read our Saarloos Wolfdog Dog breed information profile. [Multilingual] Saarloos Wolfdog, The. Page Transparency See More. Saarloos wolfdog puppies are absolutely beautiful. The Saarloos Wolfhound is a large dog, standing 24 to 30 inches tall and weighing anywhere from 70 to 90 pounds at maturity. Tolerates Being Left Alone: Saarloos Wolfdogs handle alone time quite well. The current median price for all Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs sold is $2,100.00. Popular Names: Saarloos Wolfdog, Saarloos Wolfhound, Dutch Wolfdog, European Wolfdog Size: Medium to Large Height: (At the withers) Males 65 – 75 cm, Females 60 – 70 cm Weight: 35 – 40 kg Best suited as: Guard dog Lifespan: 13 – 14 years. He was hoping to create a hard working and disease resilient breed. The Saarloos Wolfdog is a Dutch breed that developed from a wolf and a German Shepherd through human intervention. Opprinnelsesland/ hjemland : Nederland. The wolf-like coat is waterproof with … Includes breed history, photographs, show calendar, and contact information. Breed Information. Place of standing: Virginia Area, USA. The erect ears are large like the German Shepherd's. The dog-wolf couple got 28 puppies through their life but only 3 of them were appropriate to continue the breed. Harmoniously built, he has fairly long legs without being too high on his feet. This dog has a broad, powerful neck, and long legs with feet that turn slightly outward. Discover (and save!) Absolutely adorable. While we also run our long standing richdon koi accalia will never ever be a business. Pet. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. The tail is densely feathered and low set. Agility agi x2 int x2 spd x2. This created the Saarloos Wolfdog breed. Her personality is incredibly sweet, gentle & rewarding. Saarloos Wolfdog Breed Information. It weighs up to 45 kg (100 lb). It is a large cross breed that weighs between 79 and 90 pounds and stands 24 to 29 inches tall when fully grown. Its coat is short and dense, providing good protection from the weather. The Saarlooswolfhond has a broad, powerful neck. A man named Leendert Saarloos decided to cross a German Shepherd male with a she-wolf. Group: Drovers: Main Stats: Agility Intelligence Speed Stamina : Active: 80: Population: 14,708: Highest Level: 101: Highest Retired Level: 98: Available Sports.

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