Likewise, when fishing streamers, extra-long rods can be a liability. Likewise, I fished tight line, Mono Rigs at distance for five years on a 8.5 foot 5 weight. Know your weights and measures . Most of these rods can do everything, UNTIL . Rod recovery is also a big factor in the casting accuracy for any style of fly. I used to own a Fenwick fiberglass 6 foot 5 weight that I loved for small streams with lots of overhead cover. That’s the main point. . And it’s even more critical while tight line nymphing. The rod is very responsive and easy to cast. For example, I use a 9′ 5 weight Sage Mod. If I can plan ahead I hope to set up a couple walk-wade guided trips with you. Extending this principle into real-world fishing quickly reveals the handicap of a longer rod for streamers. Fly rods are more different than they are the same. The Sage PULSE 3100-4 (ESN) fly rod (3wt. And any tool used well can be the perfect match. Sage have developed a unique balance system that allows you to add or subtract weight from the reel to achieve a perfect balance on any euro nymphing outfit or standard outfit for that matter. I’ve fiddled with several longer rods, none of them very expensive. anything that touches the water drags. And where the tip goes, so goes the line, leader and fly. Focus . Don’t get to dry fly it much, but the 9’4 to 12’3 versatility works for me and minimized additional rod purchase. The … I’m still happily using that rod. For the obvious reasons you clearly pointed out in article ‘the feel’ was just awful, resulting loss of confidence, one broken tip, missed bites… In more skillful hands and with better eleven footer, maybe…. With the tip of the fly rod further from your hand, that tip is more difficult to control. hide. Love Troutbitten. Improvements in materials, like high modulus graphite, allow for the building of fly rods that were not possible a few years ago. I’ve become accustomed to 10 feet for larger water, and when I dust off a nine-footer it feels abbreviated. Ten footers are now quite standard. It is known for its high-quality graphics and durability. Before that, I was a die hard 9′ 6wt guy, and had several of them with different actions that I would choose from. Shorter rods are more accurate. Longer rods take longer to recover because, well . 10ft for larger streams and fishing from my kayak. **, ** Find all articles about Fly Rods HERE **, Enjoy the day. Drop. Convinced I lost more than one. I didn’t really understand this or realize this until I had a lot of different rods in my hands. There’s a lot of great options on the market. Consider your fly size and weight. . I can switch from tight-line to dries or whatever with no problems. 71% Upvoted. As you noted, I bought it to keep line off water which it does effectively, but is much more difficult for casting. The 10 foot fly rod length gives you a ton of reach for keeping line off the water and mending. I’m originally from suburban Pittsburgh (Plum Borough) and a Penn State grad. It was specifically made for dry fly fishing, but with the mid-flex action it’s wonderful for throwing streamers with sink tips (it’s had no problem with any of Galloup’s patterns) or nymphing with a suspender. bucks (about 3 times what I paid for it!). It was great. However, many experienced fishermen also rely on Echo as their brand. And whether that’s a fly line or a Mono Rig, keeping material off the water allows for more contact and more control over our flies. Winter Steelheading: A Love/Hate Relationship? But this is a shootout and there has to be a winner, so we took price out of the equation and crowned the Sage ESN HD the champion. It’s got an equivalent to a 5 weight butt section with a very sensitive tip. And he handed me the classic American fly rod, the 9’ 5wt. Think of the Sage Mod Fly Rod Series as the rod between the Sage CIRCA and quick action Sage X. Truth is, I’ve never found a good tight line rod that did not cast dries beautifully. Sages really stand behind their products in this way. First, the new 2016 Sage fly rods were announced. Without a doubt the best choice when putting together a top euro nymphing outfit. Joe C, Your email address will not be published. And there really is no other reason that doesn’t come down to the distance gained by fishing a longer rod. And I think the extra length would outweigh any disadvantages. But that’s overstating the point. I would add that whether it’s a nine or ten foot rod, they tend to be more versatile than the manufacturers specify. I also wanted to note how the additional comments from fellow anglers is a tremendous help in making my choice. Nothing is more important than the leader. Yes, technically, there was a 3-way tie. More Flytalk. I’ve hooked into some personal best fish with this rod. In my opinion, either Sage 4 weight fly rod is well worth the money! Sage ESN HD 10' 6'' 3wt. report. Went to 3# and handles buggers and tiny nymphs alike. I advise against that all the time, for many reasons. Thank you all, for a wonderful and busy 2019 season! For me, anything longer than ten feet is too limiting for streamers, and I don’t like the way ten-plus feet of a fly rod loads with an attached indy. You can demonstrate this easily with a visible test. If the rod is eleven feet, then holding the rod to your right makes the fly track eleven feet to the right instead of back to your position. Some anglers say that G Loomis rods are the best choice, especially if you fish fly often or for an extended period. Tackle that first . There’s really one reason to buy a longer rod. Among the rods that have have created the greatest amount of fanfare, it has often been the fast action rods that generate the biggest buzz. It’s impractical to carry multiple rods every day, so my favorite tools are the ones that perform many tasks well. This medium-speed action cast very good and the four-piece travel design is ideal for packing when making adventure calls. My two long rods are a 10’ 4 wt Loomis NRX+ and the Zephrus Ultralite 9’9” 4 wt. For those not familiar with Euro, or Czech, nymphing tactics it is simply a form of tight-line nymphing. The Trout LL is magnificently tuned for a wide casting range, much more even flexing than any previous moderate action Sage fly rod. The tip flex of the longer rod just wouldn’t allow for a crisp set. The overall quality of this 4 weight rod is great and is my recommended rod for all around, do everything type of 4wt fly rod. Reading Water, Stories, Tactics, Walk Along. I know — you’re deadly accurate with your favorite fly rod. Anyone who enjoys this sport would not want to get stuck in the water with a fish at one end of the pole without the right equipment to reel it in. So if your goal is a dead drift, above or below the surface, the extra reach that a longer rod provides is always welcome. This rod is a little shorter by design and versitale, it gives you the extra accuracy you need when fishing and casting into small pockets, snags, or weed pockets in the river. . Thanks Dom. It was too heavy and too flexible at the tip. To minimize the amount of stuff carried, I usually deploy a Cortland euro leader for the tight-lining. The ESN HD is a complete redesign of the old ESN. in my case surely not. This is my home, and I love it. The NRX Lite rods are excellent for fishing spooky fish, and it needs long, delicate cast with ultra-light leaders. Kind of clunky and works better with a 6 weight line. Sage 4 Weight Fly Rods Review Sage is perhaps one of the most reliable brands that exist today for fly fishing rods. Right on. Fly rods are such an individual decision that I, and the Troutbitten readers, would love to hear your thoughts and preferences. And many of those adjustments are based on our thought processes around weights and measures. I found a nice deal on a TFO drift a couple years ago on eBay new for $250. Every day, I cast the the client’s rods as some point too. And these two qualities determine a leader’s turnover power and the amount of potential drag . Don’t let Dom put doubts in your head. Now, of course, you will find examples where one company’s eleven-foot three weight loads faster and is more powerful than the next company’s ten-foot three weight. These are first person accounts showing the thoughts, strategies and actions around particular situations on the river, putting the reader in the mind of the angler. READ: Troutbitten | Thoughts on Rod Tip Recovery. That’s been done for decades. Right? When you do the geometry, an extra foot of fly rod provides about three feet of extra reach at thirty feet. Duane. At 45 feet and 80 feet is where this rod finds it’s own and it made casting a breeze. Given my current experience I really enjoy fishing various rods and exploring their possibilities. The casting is very comfortable at 30, 40, and 50 feet and if needed this easily can cast to 80 plus feet as well. there’s more rod that has to stop moving. . To keep our services free, we do accept affiliate commissions through some of our links. Blue Halo RetroFlex II 7wt Review and Initial Impressions, Buying a Fishing Boat: Things to Consider. Have fun out there. That’s what matters. I have a TFO 10 foot 5 weight I bought used. The ability to understand and use a 4wt rod is a recipe for successful fly fishing. The Best New Hunting Ammo for 2021. Guns. Sorry now off the soap box. All of these rods can perform the necessary functions, but how well do they do it? When I blue-line the backcountry, mountain streams, I prefer to fish dry flies. Have been stalking trouts with the 11' 3wt.... Love it! If you are familiar with fly fishing, you will understand how important it is to choose the best fly fishing rod for you. thanks, Dear Dom, One more negative foot long rods. Have a 7ft 5wt and a 10ft 5wt. Summer trip essentials, obviously. It is a great brand for fishing rods, and the price is quite adequate. Dry fly with fly line is great, and helps keep line off the water. The small movements we make with our rod hand — the slight twists and pushes of the wrist — are amplified through the length of the rod. 10'0" 4pc.) Again, these days, it seems that the companies want to pigeon hole these rods into doing just one thing. And my choice for thick cover is a seven-and-a-half or an eight-foot rod. Stand in casting position, and move the rod-hand just one foot through its casting V. Now look up and watch the rod tip. If I know I’m going to be fishing more streamers with the mono rig on a certain day, I do prefer the slightly shorter, and stiffer Sage for that. Great read as always Dom. You can always find echo rod that is equally effective and of similar quality to Sage’s, but with a lower price. The Sage ESN is dubbed as a Euro-nymphing specialist. At the heart of the puzzle is an eternal question: What do the trout want? I can’t see myself spending that much cash on another 10 footer as my Cortland gets the job done just fine. The Hardy is far more useful except for in high winds and on lakes (I’m in Wyoming). I was surprised at the resistance of the egg pattern. And many of them are excellent tools that fish well. But fishing for a while and borrowing smaller and larger rods from friends, it seemed the 4wt might have been the better choice for me. I think what he says about recovery and accuracy, etc. Abel TR Reels (2018) Hell with it, I’m giving up fly fishing and becoming one of those monks that does Gregorian chants was my first thought when… Gear Reviews August 15, 2018. The 11 footer Harold has probably recovers quite well under tight line nymphing situations, but it likely struggles a bit under heavier setups like suspender rigs or with streamers. The Sage Trout LL offers the same technological sophistication and design refinement found in the Sage X, but in a classic medium action rod that excels in dry fly fishing and all the subtle arts of our sport. And it’s easier to guide our flies downstream with that extra reach. Devin Olsen did the math on this a few years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite head-scratching facts. I glad I can have more than one length rod, but I think if I could have only one rod for all round Euro style fishing, I would go with a 10.5 footer. Fly Casting, Fly Fishing Strategies, Tactics. Built with Sage’s Konnectic Technology which increase the accuracy greatly. After much trial and error, I now use a 10′ 5wt H3F with the mono rig, as well as a 9’6″ 5wt Sage Pulse. Likewise, some power is lost with the extra length. Having a lightweight rod can make a big difference in the fishing world if you’re in the water all day, as long as you do not lose strength. Making adjustments is the key to consistent fly fishing. Slow down and relax, the rod can cast. Required fields are marked *, George Daniel’s book Strip Set Purchase here to support Troutbitten.